It can happen to anyone, a loss of a job, piling medical expenses, and other life-altering hardships, causing people to fall behind on loan payments. Neglecting to pay one’s credit cards hurts their credit rating. But if we stop paying our mortgagen the situation is even worse, because the bank can, and will, eventually foreclose, taking ownership of the home.

Firstly, Don’t Be Embarrassed
You must put your pride on hold if you’re really serious about stopping the foreclosure process. Remember, banks do not want to foreclose, and will work with you to get you back on track. The last thing they want is to own your home.

Give us a call or fill out the Form and one of our experienced staff members can discuss your specific situation and show you several solutions. In the recent past, we have bought houses that were under the water. We have also bought houses from people who were behind on mortgages for over 3 years and over $100,000 behind on payments. We’ve even bought homes from sellers who already went through 3 loan modifications. And we have bought from sellers who were nearing retirement or had recently become disabled, and were presently current on their mortgage, but knew in the near future they would be unable to keep up. Whatever your case, why not contact us and create some solutions for yourself? There is no obligation to work with us and it will cost you noting to call us for an option. We can help. Contact us now.